Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Transitioning of Society

I heard recently of a study by a small college about how younger people communicate with each other. Most colleges depend on their students to read their emails and yet this college found out that this does not occur. Those in their 20's are depending more on text messaging and social sites such as Face book.

I find this most interesting and a bit concerning. I am WELL into my 40's and my communications survive using email. Business associates know that they can contact me in this fashion and I am prompt to respond.

I am not familiar with Face book at all. I have heard horror stories about parents finding out that their children have been communicating with people that they do not personally know using sites such as these. Apparently each user has to invite or accept an invitation from someone else before they are able to communicate. Knowing that my adult daughter and some missionary friends of ours in Mexico use this portal, I tried to sign on this morning to see how it worked. It was all to confusing so I gave up.

So, because I don't know, I am posing a question. Once people accept each other as 'friends' on a site such as this, are they able to read each others postings and mail to others besides what is sent to them? If this is indeed the case; does anyone besides me think that this can lead to a creeping degradation of moral values for those that are not well-grounded? I remember back in grade school the game 'I dare you' and 'double dare' and each dare lead to something more extreme. If postings in social sites such as Face book can take this sort of avenue, where does it all lead?

All forms of technology can be used for good or for evil. We all know that the Internet as a whole is no exception. Therefore, I'm not criticizing this change in communication... only expressing my concerns for the misuse of it.

The bottom-line seems to always fall to where one's heart is focused and founded. "But seek His kingdom, and all (good) things will be given to you as well" (Luke 12:31)