Monday, September 17, 2007

Why is God's Direction Sometimes So Foggy?

My heart is somewhat subdued this evening. Just not quite up to par.

My wife has recently taken on a career in a mission field. We are so excited that she is able to reach children around the world for Christ in a tangible way. It is with an incredible outreach organization that provides so much to so many in dire strates. We feel that the 'pay' is rewards in heaven and that God will provide. This may sound naive to some who don't trust fully in God but we have (and are still learning) to do so.

That is great but the organization has her going through training at a snails pace. Is this satan attacking through others to try to get her discouraged? He certainly has been known to work this way. I am working on encouraging her but I pray that God will move in a mighty way soon. I ask that you all pray as well.

Please also pray for my 21 year old daughter. It sounds like she may be close to getting a job but hit a bit of discouragement also today when an interview did not materialize. All we want is God's direction.

Why is that so foggy sometimes?