Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Making the Most of Today

I’ll be finishing Kirk Nowery’s book, Make the Most of Your Life today. It is a very interesting book that is not like the time management and life management books that are on most bookstore shelves.

Kirk speaks of making the most of your life from an eternal perspective as a Christ follower. He stresses Jesus’ words about how we need to be viewing even the mundane daily activities from an eternal perspective.

I know that this is how I should live and it will be an interesting exercise as I look at my waking hours and the things that I think, say, and do. You see, I ‘know’ that I should operate in this manner but knowing and putting into practice are many times two different things.

This will involve commitment to give my life to God as I wake each morning then following through on my devotions and time to study the Bible and spend time in prayer (conversation) with God. If it is a weekday, I then will need to look at my schedule and my to-do list and ask God if I need to make changes that will better accommodate what He wants me to do. Then as I go through the day I must be open to His direction which may seem like detours to me. This will be hard at first as I tend to get ‘tunnel focus’ looking only at what I have before me. I must do a better job of not only expanding my vision but also expanding my audible senses to hear others and God.

Are you also trying to ‘Make the Most of Your Life’ using God’s perspective instead of your own? Tell me about your experiences. Maybe we can encourage each other along.

Blessings to you as you journey out today!