Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Will There Be A Tomorrow? TODAY IS THE DAY!

I was reading in Matthew 24 this morning about Christ's second coming. We are to be on our guard. to be vigilant in our watch. But not only that, we are to be tending to the responsibilities that God has placed in our care. I believe that that means that we are to be always tending to the the souls of the people that God has placed within our circle of influence. How will I minister to them today? How can I show God's love? How can I tell them that time is short and that He will come again SOON to collect His children unto Himself? We are told that as birth pains increase in intensity and come at closer intervals.... so will the signs showing the second coming of Christ. Wars, rumor of wars, earthquakes and other natural disasters will increase. Godlessness will be rampant. The elect will have their eyes on Israel looking forward to His second coming.

I don't have time to mess up today. God has given me today to serve Him and I will do so with all of my heart and with all of my strength.