Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green - The New Religion

Religion (a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects).

I watch each day as the 'green' environmental movement gains steam in the United States and elsewhere and have determined that this is the religion that is gaining steam the fastest.

It is being taught... albeit indoctrinated in our preschools, kindergardens, elementary, middle and high schools. Many pastors are preaching green from the pulpits. We are spending billions in the government and public sectors to be 'green'... while at the same time, billions are starving around the world due to hunger.

Where is our balance? Where is our reasoning? Do we now care more about some microbe that scientists have determined is nearing extinction than humankind?

I care plenty about this beautiful globe that God has placed us on. In Genesis, God tells us that we are to care for the earth and the creatures under our care. I don't see anywhere where we are to elevate their status above mankind.

Pull back and think, please! Sure, we need to do all we can to preserve what God has given us but within reason.

As Earth Day (yep... green) approaches, think about the 6.7 Billion people that are on the earth and how we can help them. God will take care of the rest... yes, he is able.