Thursday, September 20, 2007

5 C's That Can Change the World (One is CONNECT)

In church last night the 5 C's came up yet again. These 5 C's are being continually brought up because Jesus was the perfect model to change the world around us. His model can be condensed to 5 C's. They are:
  1. Commit - to be a growing follower of Jesus.
  2. Celebrate - and live the fulfilling lifestyle.
  3. Connect - to others in personal vibrant relationships
  4. Communicate - the good news to everyone everywhere
  5. Contribute - your time, passion, talents and possessions

I didn't like it at first when these were mentioned. Not sure why but I guess that it was probably conviction on my part. I was convicted that one of these C's was something that I didn't do and really didn't care to do.

Connect.... my bride of 26 years and I are relatively quiet people. Oh, we're pleasant around others but we enjoy each others company and are just ... well, satisfied with that. Oh yeah, I connect to my little family just fine. My two daughters, my son (in-law... whatever that means) and my daughter's boyfriend all 'connect' just fine. But this is going beyond immediate family and now I'm getting out of my comfort zone.

Throughout each day that Jesus walked this earth, he showed us the way to have vibrant and meaningful relationships. He had twelve others that followed Him and communed with Him. We catch very brief exchanges between this group in the Bible but I have often thought of what the everyday conversation sounded like. Imagine the laughter and the serious discussion times in your mind. I often have done just that. How was this connected community cultivated?

I would imagine that on top of the list would be transparency with all except Judas who obviously was not totally transparent. Lots of fellowship would have taken place, eating and just plain having fun together. They worshiped together and you know, even just wasted time together.

Do you remember some of the close friends that you had in middle (junior) high or high school? Do you remember the calls that you made to them? Could they have gone something like mine did? "Hey, Lawrence... what 'cha doin'?" "Just sitting... nothing much. How about you?" "Not a thing here. Just watching paint dry."

Why do we remember those relationships so much? BECAUSE THEY WERE MEANINGFUL IN OUR LIVES! My high school buddy Lawrence knew all about me. We went through good times and bad times together... ups and downs and we were always there for each other. That is what 'Connect' is all about.

If your church works at connecting people to each other in small groups or cell groups, please consider taking advantage of this. God did not place us here on this earth to tackle life all on our own. I'm still learning this but it is starting to sink in and I look forward to the day that I can call one or two guys on a fairly regular basis and say "Hey, what 'cha doin?" only to hear them say "Nothing... how about you?"