Monday, October 27, 2008

Christians, Do You Have Your Eyes Open?

We are one week away from the most important Presidential election ever in the United States. This election has the potential to hasten our country towards insignificance and distruction or a path that may (and I do stress 'may') lead toward recovery.

No country in the history of man has ever lasted more than two hundred years where moral values have taken a back seat to personal wants and greed.

If Obama is elected as President a week from tomorrow and if he follows through on his promises to the American people, moral values will plunge. The killing of the unborn through legal abortions (presently at four thousand per day) will continue and be expanded. Restrictions in abortions that were signed into law by President's Clinton and Bush will be recalled. Homosexual 'marriage' will become the law of the land. Rights of free speech will be quelled in the name of tolerance.

Indeed if McCain becomes President, he must prove that he will not continue the distructive spending habits of the Bush administration. He will have a very hard term with what will probably be a Congress that is solidly controlled by the Democrats. We do have the opportunity to start moving back in the moral direction that God's Word speaks of.

So what will it be, those of you who label yourselves "Christian"? Is that just a label or are you true Christ Followers that seek to follow God first and foremost in your life? Do you have the guts to live dangerously by swimming against the flow of the immorality or are you more concerned about the economy and your wallet?

Please pray, fast, and seek God in this election. I love our country and I seek to honor our country by standing with our founding fathers in honoring our Creator.