Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Seed

I spent most of yesterday in the garden (as my body can attest to today). We are blessed in Florida with growing conditions that almost encompass the entire year. In fact, the hardest time for me to grow anything is in the dead of summer when it is just too wet and hot.

The weather yesterday was perfect... mid 80's and sunny. I spent several hours behind a 'scuffle' hoe removing weeds and then a couple of hours putting new seeds in the ground.

As I dropped each seed into the soil after making the perfect hole (I like to use the eraser end of a pencil), I thought about all that is within that little seed. All of its DNA for life is in there, just waiting to come out and show itself to me. God designed and perfect! Each corn seed will become a corn plant, each lettuce seed will become a lettuce plant and so on.

I was thinking that indeed God designed us the same way... with HIS DNA! We are to grow in the likeness of God and He sent His Son, Jesus to give us an example.

I have two grandchildren on the way, each starting as a mere 'seed' and now growing into the likeness of Christ within my daughters. Amazing!

I look forward to seeing my corn "pop up in rows" and I look forward to beautiful little girls from my daughters and their husbands in the months to come. From God all blessings flow...