Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayer - As Vital as Food and Air

I am studying prayer in my Bible study and it is incredibly enlightening to me. I am learning that it is not an 'accessory' to a victorious Christian life but as absolutely vital as food and air. If that is the case, why do most Christ Followers treat it like a map folded in the glove box?

What follows is some of what I wrote in my devotions today. I am posting it here because, well truthfully I feel that God is leading me to do so. I pray that it will be enlightening to you as you also seek God with all your heart, mind, soul and spirit.

Just an ok kind of day. Governing board meeting and the like. Left my wallet @ home so it was a day without meals until I got home. My mind just kind of existed and I didn't have any formidable conversation with God. And I feel it too… my spirit's fuel tank is running on low. All I wanted to do when I came home was to sleep.

Bible Study:
Studying about the 'process of prayer'. It starts with a 'broken and contrite heart' (Psalms 51:17). God will only hear my prayers and will only be open to my conversation with Him if I am of the right mind. This is why confession is towards the front of any prayer. ACTS A-adoration, C-confession, T-thanksgiving, S-supplication. This is not a magic formula but it is vital to approach a perfect God.
Romans 12:2 'Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will.' The 'renewing of my mind' involves prayer.

Billy Graham says "It is apparent that prayer, when prioritized in the Christian life, is the difference between thriving Christians and struggling Christians. If you find yourself struggling, take a close look at your prayer life. In doing so, you'll rediscover the key to growing stronger in your faith." Wow, yesterday was perfect example of a 'struggling Christian' kind of day… blah, no direction, and it affected every part of my day! Prayer should be as necessary to me as breathing and eating… an necessary and vital part of my life.

God, my Lord and my Savior, you reign supreme. Nothing occurs without your knowledge. It all becomes confusing to us when we see things happen because you have allowed mankind to have free will. We question 'why' when we see suffering yet you provided free will to allow us to love you. Forgive me, Lord when I let my free will just allow me to coast through the day without acknowledging you and asking you for direction and guidance. Forgive me for not just communing with you throughout the day. You want to guide me and yet I treat you like a road map left in the glove box. God, please forgive me. God, I come to you with a heart and mind that yearns to be led by you. Holy Spirit, please take my hand and guide me today.

God, I have been feeling overwhelmed this week. You gave us such a wonderful time of rest and reflection last weekend in North Carolina and Tuesday hit me like a brick wall and it has been that way all week. Each day drained me a little more and now it is now Friday and God, I am tired… out of fuel. I know that it is because I have not been pulling up to your 'fuel pump' to be refreshed and refilled via prayer. Forgive me, God.

So many things are on my mind regarding the farm and how to make things happen. The fencing for the hogs and the sheep fold, walling in the shelter to create a lambing shelter, a barn, a way to pay for it all. God, if it weighs me down, it is obviously because I am not giving these concerns to you. God, I am sorry and ask for forgiveness. Help me to learn to become a victorious Christian through prayer. Not for my glory but for yours.

Thank you, God for loving us so that you gave your one and only Son for us. Thank you… Amen.