Saturday, February 2, 2008

Step Back and Listen to God

Today I am brought to my knees thinking of the awesomeness of our Creator. I start each morning with a quick review of what is going on in the world around us through various news feeds that I have set up. I then go into Bible study to receive guidance for the day and for my spiritual life in general. I was reading from the book of Exodus about the plagues that engulfed the Egyptians because the Paraoah would not let the enslaved Israelites leave. The Israelites were in Egypt for approximately 430 years and in that time went from 70 people to over 2 million in number.

Feeling threatened by the number of Israelites in the land, the Paraoah enslaved God's people and treated them harshly. God, hearing the plea of His people, came to their rescue although it should be noted that He never left them. He lead Moses to speak to Paraoah on behalf of the Israelites to 'let His people go'. Only after ten plagues ending with a killing of the first born of all the Egyptians and their livestock were the Israelites allowed to leave.

I am sitting here trying to place myself in the sandles of the Israelites. What was it like to be enslaved, treated bitterly... each day seemingly without hope? I wonder how many heard God the way that Moses did. Were they able to step back and listen to God ... hearing His comforting words that He is in control?

Today is upon me. The sun has just risen above the eastern horizon. God's word is within my heart from the time spent reading. What will I do with that knowledge? I pray that the awesomeness of my Creator will overwhelm me so that I can hear His direction for my life today. God, I step back right now and open my ears to you. Help me to focus on your purpose for me today. God, I'm praying for revival. May it start in my heart and then spread to those within my influence.

I step back and my heart is listening for your voice...