Saturday, June 14, 2008

Devotions - Spiritual Hunger or Just Routine

OK... I'm all torqued out because I didn't do my devotions yesterday. I really meant too but I let the early morning get away from me and I just never got back to it.

You see, I'm a routine kind of guy (just ask my wife). I get up at 5:30 in the blessed AM and drag myself down to a cup of coffee that has already been brewed. I look at the weather (I'm also a weather nut) and then I do my devotions.

My devotions take place in three parts. I first look back at yesterday and write my down my thoughts of how I feel the day was spiritually. It takes discipline as don't want to just write what I did like a diary but instead look inward at the condition of my soul.

I then turn to the Bible. I'm reading through the Bible chronologically (you can get the schedule at I add to that a chapter from Psalms and a chapter from Proverbs. I write notes as I read on what I'm seeing and application to my walk.

I then write down some prayers for today. Again looking at application and certain struggles that I'm facing.

So that's it. It is a good 'routine' but since I am a routine kind of guy, am I going through this process for the right reason? When I miss a day like yesterday, am I upset because I didn't spend time with God to start my day or am I upset because my routine was changed? I need to always strive for that hunger that is deep within my soul to be closer to God. Then just as our physical hunger drives us to eat, my spiritual hunger will drive me to communing with God.

What do you think?