Saturday, January 26, 2008

Questioning God's Work in Me

I have been reading through Genesis this week and have come upon one of my very favorite characters in the Bible. Joseph, one of the twelve sons of Judah (Israel) is a man of integrity and a great role model. He gets 'the shaft' often in his life as his brothers don't care for him even to the point of selling him to some travelers that were on their way to Egypt. Joseph's upright walk was just too much for them to handle.

Joseph arrives in Egypt and God places him in a place of power taking care of the household of Potiphar, Pharaoh's Captain of the Guard. While Potiphar is away, his wife continually tries to seduce Joseph (probably over some time) and after some time of remaining faithful to God, she accuses him of rape and Potiphar has him thrown in prison. He remains there many years only to be freed by Pharaoh himself and placed second in command of all of Egypt. The story is remarkable and I recommend that you read it in Genesis 38 - 45.

All this to say that I so often question God's work in me. There are days when I say "it just doesn't 'feel' like I'm in God's will. Surely I should be doing full-time ministry in the missions field." Yet, God is working through me right where I am today just as He was working through Joesph's life each day that Joseph sat in a prison cell in Egypt. I wonder how many times Joseph questioned his actions while he had PLENTY of time to think in prison. No doubt, that Joseph thought more than once that "I must have gone away from the will of God or I would not be in this situation."

In reality, he was completely within God's will for his life. Did he have the opportunity to minister to the other prisoners and the guards? Reading the account indeed informs us that he did just that. He took advantage of the opportunities set before him.

Am I doing that today? This very day will I walk with solid integrity no matter what? Will my thoughts be on eternal things and not on my earthly comforts, needs and desires? Will I trust God THAT much? I pray that I will.

The sun is peering over the clouds on the eastern horizon. I awoke today because God has something for me to do for Him. My prayers are that I will seize the day for God. I will be like Joseph and will walk with integrity with my heart, mind and soul set steadfastly on the only secure foundation... the will of God. I will not let my earthly circumstances dictate my success following God's will. So often like in the life of Joseph, His ways are not our ways. God, help me to see and follow YOUR way alone.