Saturday, September 10, 2011


I came home from work last night to a box a seeds that were just delivered for our farm (Google 'Abundant Blessings Farm, LLC' for more farm info).  The seeds are all packaged by variety and stacked neatly for our use.

Have you put much thought into a seed?  Inside each of every seed in that box is the genetic code of the parent from which they were derived.  These days the wonder of this has been removed by the scientific minds of our day and we toss around terms like 'DNA' without giving it much further thought.  But really, have you ever considered the miracle that awaits in each and every seed?

As a farmer, my wife will lovingly place each seed in the soil (or growing media because we grow hydroponics as well).  She will make sure that each gets the correct amount of water and nutrients (i.e. food) do develop into a mature plant.  She will carefully train the branches (pruning where necessary) so that they will be fruitful and multiply.  She will protect the plants from pests and diseases that seek to harm and destroy.

What an incredible miracle... each and every seed!

In the same manner, we are God's seed.  He places us here and wants to tend, nurture, prune when necessary so that will be fruitful by telling others about Him and leading them to Christ.  That is how we multiply.

We get caught up in labels of who we are by what we do (Mom, Dad, Fireman, Farmer, Banker, Lobbyist, etc.) yet that is just what we do part of our life.  We came from a seed that was planted by God.  Our purpose... our true purpose in life is to do just as those seeds in the box in our kitchen.  Our true purpose is to grow in Christ and bring others to the understanding of His redeeming and saving grace that is available to all who choose to believe.

I can't wait to plant those seeds!