Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finding the Gifts in Everyone

I am struck this morning as to how we as individuals in our society in America look and thus treat others around us. We see some people as 'important', we see others as 'busy', we see yet others as 'worthy'. But how does God see us?

The Bible in so many verses tells us how much God loves us and cares for us as His children. I am a father of two so I can understand that feeling. I love my daughters more than words could possibly ever express. It is a gut thing... nothing that can be placed into words. If God loves each of us in that manner, shouldn't we at least attempt to view others in like manner?

How often do we see someone in a job that we consider menial and say to ourselves 'they probably deserve it'. Other times we get upset with someone and think to ourselves 'wow, how dumb are you... you can't even do that'.

How dare we as followers of the one true God and savior, Jesus... How dare we treat HIS children in that manner. My heart breaks for those whom society sweeps to the gutter. The thing is through... I am guilty of doing the same. God, please forgive me.

I can think of a family where there is a lot of talent except for one. "Why can't you be like your brother or sister?" is the common phrase for that one. He doesn't know why he can't be like them... he only knows that he isn't them... God made him unique with special gifts of his own.

I can think of how upset I got with a checkout clerk at a local store because she needed the bar scan to enter a sale in the cash register. "I told her the price... that should be enough", I thought in my mind. Yet, she is trying to the best of her ability to do her job as she was trained. God also made her unique with special gifts of her own.

Shouldn't we be all about showing the love of Christ to others so that they will want what we have found? Shouldn't that love be shown in acceptance at least of the person (but maybe not their actions if they are contrary to God's Word). God loves them as a child of His. As Christ followers shouldn't we do the same?

God, help me to be more sensitive to those around me. Help me to approach others seeing them through your eyes. Help me to show them your love. God, help me to be the man that you have called me to be.