Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I sit here this morning looking out over our sheep thinking of how David did the same thing 3000 years ago. They depend on us for food, water, and safety. Alone, they are helpless and destined to die prematurely due to starvation, dehydration, disease, or predator. We are also the same in God's eyes. Yet, he does not fence us in but allows us to have free will to come and go from under his protection. It is amazing to watch these guys in this lush pasture reaching through the fence because I guess 'the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence'. Without fences, we as Christ Followers can do the same if we do not have our eyes on our Creator.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I was reading Isaiah 5 - 8 this morning. What follows is an excerpt from what was written in my journal.

Bible Study:

God carefully tends us as a farmer lovingly tends his vineyard. He prunes us and cultivates the weeds away from our roots to allow us to grow to our fullest potential. How does my yield look for Him? Am I doing my best?

One of my very favorite verses in the Bible is found in Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said “Here am I. Send me!”

Wait upon the Lord, put my trust in Him. Isaiah was a great prophet that I can tell was in ‘tune’ with God and what He had to say. How can I emulate that in my life? Wait upon the Lord and put my trust in Him. Clear out anything that is a barrier between me and God. Develop my focus to be on Him as a farmer tends his crop.

This is making me think of our vegetable garden. We have had a hard time cultivating an abundant crop of vegetables. The lack of nutrients in the soil (Bible study/Prayer), weeds and pests (Sins of commission as well as sins of omission. Things in my life that certainly are not bad in themselves yet they consume my time and energy thus keeping me away from God’s plan for me to be abundant for Him). How do I change this in the garden. I must start with sterile soil (forgiveness of sins). Before planting my crop I need to test the soil and add the correct nutrients to promote seed germination and growth (consistent study and prayer). As my crop grows and develops, I must be diligent to check for pests everyday (sin). These pests (weeds, insects, whatever) must be removed… one by one if need be. If the crops grow tall, I need to support them with trellises or stakes (supporting those that are actively spreading the Gospel). Harvest comes with thanksgiving to the One that made it all possible (praise/worship).

Our garden this fall will be different. It will not be choked with weeds and pests. We will be diligent on a daily basis. I pray for my life to be likewise.


My precious Father, my Redeemer, you are too glorious to fathom. You see all, you know all, you are everywhere and yet you know my heart, my thoughts and you wish to commune with me. My King, I worship you. I deserve death and you give me life, I am nothing and yet you scoop me into your arms with a love that is beyond comprehension.

Forgive me, Lord for not tending the garden of my life. Help me to start again even today to carefully cultivate, test and plant with loving care. Help me to see the pests and to not ignore but to take action immediately to remove the pests from my garden. I ask all of this that I may produce an abundant crop of souls for your kingdom. Help me to be ever-learning and ever-seeking your direction for my life. Amen.

I pray that these words may encourage you. If they do, please take time to encourage me as we can both grow towards what God is calling us to do by supporting each other.