Friday, October 26, 2007

Today is New Day!

What a crummy week I've had. I've been low on self-esteem all week and my heart has just not been in sync with God and what He has been calling me to do each day. I'm not sure why but I do KNOW that I should no be striving to get my 'self-esteem' from this world. Even my loved ones will let me down on occasion. We are all human... it happens.

My self-esteem should be coming from God and God alone. Luke 13:22 - 28 speaks about the narrow door. There are so many that think that 'being good' will get them into heaven. Others think that church membership or warming a pew seat on Sunday morning will get them into heaven. It is ONLY a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that will lead you through the narrow door.

It is time that I get off my duff and stop having a pity party for myself. People are dying everyday without a relationship in Jesus. They are thus condemned to an eternity in hell... eternal separation from God. I cannot let this day pass without being obedient and sold out to God and being responsive to His leading.

Today is a new day...