Monday, September 26, 2011

Timing... Our's or God's!

Have you ever noticed how our timing is rarely the same as God's?  Kay and I are slowly creating a farm environment that will have produce available in the fall, winter, and spring.  Kay will also be offering farm tours and lesson plans that comply with the Sunshine State Standards.  What an awesome way to show children about where their food comes from and the importance of viable and sustainable agriculture. 

We want to 'go.. go.. go..' to get things up and going and yet God has us going along at a deliberate slow pace, paying for things in cash instead of going into debt.  I certainly see His reasoning with the economy in the tank and so many monetary systems on the brink of collapse, still it's hard to move so slow sometimes. 

We have these hopes and dreams for this farm and I wonder what God has in store for our farm that we haven't even considered yet.  It is up to us to either stay under the protection of our Lord, moving onward when He says or going out there and winging it on our own.  As hard as it is, I choose to go God's speed and pray that those around me will hold me accountable in this regard.