Friday, October 31, 2008

Climbing Back Out of the Valley

This past week or so has personally been a rough one for me. There was not one event or thing that I can point my finger at but it has just been a spiritual valley.

The turning point though was what I heard from a message that I heard at church this past Wednesday evening.
  • No matter where I am, on top of the mountain or in the midst of a valley, seek God with ALL of my heart. Don't let off!
I found that indeed I had let off. I was having this internal pity party in my head and looking at myself instead of looking up. What I learned in my Bible study from Luke 7 is
  • My faith in God is what saves me. My faith is what should also guide me and protect me.
  • Just because I do not 'feel' God's presence, it dosen't me that He is not there.
  • Keep looking up, keep praising, keep pursuing God... NO MATTER HOW I FEEL.
I'm climbing back out of the valley. I see God's hand reaching down to me and I see the path before me. I walk forward today in faith.