Thursday, October 21, 2010

Agriculture - Foundational to Society

My wife and I just returned from the Sunbelt Agricultural Expo in Moultrie, GA. It was a fun and enlightening two days as we wandered among the equipment and new and innovative ideas to make farming more productive and sustainable.

I can't help to think of the disconnect that our society in the United States has with where their food originates. As political pressure increases from groups that claim 'environmentalism' as the end all means of thought and purpose, I am saddened to see the vast valley between their views and the foundational environmental views of the farmer which he/she has had since God placed man on earth. The farmer understands the environment intimately as it is the basis for his production of food or fiber. He understands and respects the delicate balance that is needed to protect what God provided through nature because an imbalance will mean total failure.

I am proud to be a farmer and to support farmers through what I do in my waking hours. They are a group of people that have faith in measures that are incredible as they sow, till and harvest the 'fruit of the land'. They have no problem believing in God and place an untold amount of faith in Him.

Agriculture is foundational to any society. Review history and where you see agriculture fail due to weather or politics, the failure of the country is not far behind.