Friday, October 12, 2007

Focusing My Heart

I have been attending a conference for work that has placed me out-of-town and in a hotel for the past several days. My schedule (I'm a routine kind of guy) is all out of whack and other than getting up at 5:30 am, everything else is out of kilter. On top of that, I have not walked outside to breath fresh air since the time that I arrived which was 10:30 on Wednesday morning.

With my schedule being different, I also find my focus on my study time in the Bible and my dependence on Christ being different. That should not be the case and I know it. Why does that happen? I so want to be focused solely on Christ and in doing so I know that the world around me will fall into place.

I should not be looking for excuses though but should instead be looking for opportunities to do the things that I do better. My wife often comments about my routines and I know that I put too much emphasis on them. God doesn't call me to a routine life but to a challenging and exciting life. I need to look for the opportunities that He places before me and then TAKE them.

Am I preaching to myself? Sounds like it. Charlie, take this opportunity where God has placed you (me) and use it for His glory. Yes, it is different. OK, show Him how you will take that challenge and run with it.

OK, God. I think that I get the picture but I need your strength. Thanks for being there for me. I want to glorify You today.