Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christ Follower or "Christian"

I was catching up on Facebook this evening and ran across a post from an Associate Pastor of a United Methodist Church. His comment was "how sad" he was that the voters in Florida chose to limit marriage in the state to between only a man and a woman.

People, it is time to stand up and start to confront people like this! They are leading their flock to HELL by teaching false doctrine and picking and choosing what they wish to present as fact from the Bible.

I believe the WHOLE Bible from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation... every word... EVERY WORD is inspired by God. If I choose to throw out even one sentence, what gives me that right? If I pick and choose, why can't someone else? If we all did that, what good is the Bible to anyone?

Listen and listen up good. I'm angry and SICK AND TIRED of 'pastors' and 'ministers' that are tearing apart the Bible. Watch out for the label "Christian" as it means little in today's society. Lots and lots of churches have church members that use the term Christian very loosely yet have little interest in following Christ by believing the ENTIRE Bible.

If your church is not preaching the entire Bible from the pulpit, run away quickly! This sort of false teaching is rampant in our country and becoming more so by the day.

We are in the end times, time is short. Are you a Christ Follower or just a "Christian"?