Monday, August 29, 2011

Gods Purpose for Me is Right Under My Nose

I get hyped up (often it seems) to seek out God's purpose for me. I think of grandiose things like serving in the Sudan or working with Samaritan's Purse Disaster Relief full-time. I've considered ministry and have longed to leadership in whatever church I'm attending.
I can't tell you if it is wisdom that comes with age(ing) or if God is finally just able to connect with e through my thick skull after all these years, but I'm starting to understand my purpose better.
It doesn't come with some great plan of things to come but instead comes in the everyday. God wants to use me right here, right now. It may be only speaking to one person today and portraying the love of Christ but it is today.
I'm a planner in general so this is hard for me. Yet I hear God telling me not to forget His purpose for me today while I'm busily planning out tomorrow.
Pray for God to use you TODAY and be open to His leading. If tomorrow comes... repeat!
Matthew 6:34 tells us "Don't worry about tomorrow...". I'm going to set that in my heart today.

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