Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dads of Courage

Kay and I saw the movie 'Courageous' last night.  It is a must see for EVERY Dad no matter what age.  I am encouraged, inspired and challenged to step up my ability to be a Dad to a whole new level after watching the movie. 

It easy being a Father, its a different story being a Dad.  Any wimp can become a Father.  We need to only look around our society at all of the homes without a man in the house to see how easy it is to wimp out at being a Dad.

Stand up for what is right, men.  Ignore and walk against this stupid society that promotes selfishness and be a man!  Give ALL of yourself to your wife and you children and don't ever, ever, ever stop! 

Stand up and be a man!  Be the ROCK that holds your family together against ANY storm that attempts to break your family apart!

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